Our Team

Everyone who works at 5280 Associates has a variety of strengths and life experiences that make them successful in their individual roles. But the thread that unites them all is a shared goal to be your partner, your advocate, your trusted advisor—not your salesperson. Life can be crazy: Surround yourself with people who care.

Our core values


We charge a flat, transparent fee. In return, you get access to a team whose only motivation is to give you the best advice possible for your unique situation.


You expect a lawyer or a doctor to be on your side, always working in your best interest. We think the same should be true of your financial advisor. Our advice isn’t tethered to a need to sell you something. Simply put, we’re on your side of the table.


A relationship with 5280 Associates gives you access to an entire team with a deep bench of expertise. We’re all in this together.

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