Mutual Fund products allow for online purchases at your member page.  Please follow the steps below to purchase additional funds.  For questions on Mutual Fund contributions; please call 800-847-4836 and say “Mutual Funds”.  For questions related to contributions on all other products; please call 5280 associates at 303-730-1951.

For A-Share and S-Share service fee accounts, follow the steps below. If you are not sure what type of account you have, it is written on your statements:

    1. Log into

    2. Click on the account number you’d like to contribute to

    3. Under the “What Can I Do” tab, select “Purchase Request”

    4. If you do not see “Purchase Request”, select “Add Bank”

    5. After adding your bank, you will be directed back to the “What Can I Do” page

    6. Select “Purchase Request” and request your purchase

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