Annuity and Life Insurance products allow for online beneficiary changes at your Thrivent.com member page. All other products will require a change form. Please call 5280 Associates at 303-730-1951 for assistance in getting beneficiaries updates.

Annuity or Insurance:

You may change your beneficiary online on an annuity or insurance contract as follows:

  1. Log into My Thrivent
  2. Click on the contract number you want to view or change
  3. Select the “Beneficiary” tab to view the current beneficiary
  4. Select the “Create New” button and follow the prompts to fill in the new beneficiary
  5. Confirm the request and click “Submit”.

Otherwise, go to the forms page to download a form.


Mutual Funds:

For a mutual fund account, you may view your beneficiary online, but a form is needed to change your beneficiary.

  1. Log into My Thrivent
  2. Select the account number
  3. Choose the link to “View Beneficiaries”
  4. Select “Mutual Funds Beneficiary Designation Form”

Otherwise, go to the Forms page to download a form.

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