Patrick O’Brien

Director, Client Service

Patrick assists the Director of Financial Planning with developing customized financial and retirement plans for clients, from collecting and compiling each client’s array of financial data, to implementing the many tasks arising from strategy meetings, and everything in between.

In an industry that typically turns to numbers measure success, Patrick’s more holistic approach stands out: “It’s fairly easy to track rates of return and other measurable statistics for a particular investment, but hearing a client say that they appreciate the knowledge and advice that our team provides them gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that we helped them make meaningful change, which will help them meet their financial and retirement goals.” That pairing of face-to-face customer service with analytical work fits Patrick well, as he is known for his diligence, attention to detail, and service-oriented nature.

A decade spent in customer service prior to joining 5280 Associates, first as a social worker and then as a client service manager for a telecom network, prepared Patrick for his current role, which he’s held since 2018. Patrick is a Colorado State University graduate, and he has a passion for adventure, whether that means knocking off another fourteener or exploring the jungles of Belize.

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