5280 Associates’ Election Approach

Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020

The election for President and Congress is today, November 3, 2020. 5280 Associates wanted to communicate our plan for asset management in the coming weeks and months. This is the consensus of the wealth advisors and investment management team at 5280: Ted Kouba, Nate Wangerin, Chad Aaberg, Nate Chapman and Scott Huelskamp.

Here are our core beliefs which dictate our flat fee wealth management and investment philosophy through what could be a volatile stock market in the short term.

  • Historically, there is low correlation between positive or negative stock market performance and what political party controls the White House or Congress. There are hundreds of factors that affect market performance and political control is one of them
  • Due to checks and balances in United States government, policy changes take years to play out.
  • We plan well in advance for unexpected volatility by positioning your portfolio to withstand declines in the market
  • We will always see volatility as the world changes. We will bring recommendations to you should we feel that there are changes needed in your portfolio.

It is our opinion that we have positioned each of the portfolios we manage well for this coming election.

The following article has some great research and insight on the election as it relates to stock market performance. We thought you may enjoy reading it.

Election Article

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