Financial Planning

Effective financial planning and management requires much more than choosing good investments. It means coordinating dozens of interconnected decisions to build an efficient financial foundation on which you can not only support the kind of life you want to live now but also build the future you envision.

What We Do: Financial Management Services

After agreeing on the scope of the financial planning, 5280 Associates team members work with you to collect all relevant information, use modeling software to analyze the many possible paths forward, and present their findings to you, complete with recommendations and action steps. After the initial assessment, 5280 Associates wealth advisors provide ongoing advice, ensuring that your financial management plan keeps pace with your life as it unfolds.

Topics Covered in Financial Planning

We conduct an analysis of your financial situation for a transparent, flat fee. Below you will find a list of topics we may cover in this analysis. Download topics covered in financial planning.

General Financial Planning
  • Update and prioritize goals
  • Update account values
  • Establish fundamental goals
  • Account consolidation
  • Family updates and changes
  • 3rd party referrals (CPA, mortgage, etc.)
  • Business ownership changes
  • Credit report analysis
  • Large purchase decision making
  • Real estate review
  • Debt refinance check
Investment Management
  • Semi-annual review and rebalance
  • Performance review
  • Fee check
  • External account analysis
  • Employer retirement plan allocation review
  • Stock Option Review
Cash Flow Planning
  • Debt management (payoff analysis and tracking)
  • Budget and expense review
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Tax and liquidity planning
  • Net worth review
Retirement Tracking and Planning
  • Future projections
  • Savings amount
  • Money Guide Pro
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Retirement income creative strategy
  • Social security planning
  • Rental property income review
  • Required distribution withdrawals
  • Required distribution planning
Insurance Analysis
  • Basic risk analysis
  • Life insurance review
  • Disability insurance review
  • Long-term care insurance review
  • Employer benefits review
  • Property and casualty insurance review
  • Umbrella insurance review
  • Health insurance review
  • Real estate rental insurance
  • Medicare/Medicaid advice
College Planning
  • Savings amount determination
  • Account selection
  • Investment allocation
  • Tax efficiency
Tax Analysis
  • General change in tax situation
  • Health savings account option
  • Employer plan contribution changes
  • Roth conversions
  • Roth contribution limit check
  • Qualified charitable donations
  • Planned giving (charitable) analysis
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Appreciated asset charitable donations
Estate Planning
  • Beneficiary review of all accounts
  • Ownership review of all accounts
  • Tax efficient wealth transfer review
  • Estate law change discussion
  • Trust review
  • Health directive review
  • Power of attorney review


After reviewing your financial plan, you can choose to have 5280 Associates implement investment-related recommendations on your behalf.


In addition to implementing your investment strategy, 5280 Associates can implement the insurance-specific portions of your financial plan.

Specific Investment or Insurance Needs

If you are looking for a specific investment or insurance product to fill a need in your existing financial plan, 5280 Associates can help.

Who We Help With Financial Management

While anyone can benefit from a financial plan, these life stages tend to be the most critical for financial planning.

Young Professionals Financial Planning

Young Professionals

Pre-Retirees Financial Management


Retirees Financial Management


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