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Should I Refinance My Mortgage? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

One of the only great things to come out of 2020 is the opportunity to refinance debt, particularly your mortgage, for a lower interest rate. There are many considerations in refinancing a mortgage but the most discussed is the interest rate. If you are able to...

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2021 – New Year, New Financial Resolutions

Many people see the turn of a year as an opportunity to set fresh goals and create new habits – especially around their personal financial situation. “I want to get my finances in order, save more, spend less, increase earnings, etc…” we’ve heard it all, but...

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Three Tax Planning Strategies to End 2020 on a Better Note

This year give the gift of tax planning…to yourself! 2020 has been a unique year, and it has created some unique tax planning opportunities. The events of 2020 have led to new legislation that provides for opportunities in your charitable planning. Some folks have...

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Understand S.M.A.R.T Goals and Basic Savings Strategies

How much money should I be saving every month? If we had a nickel for every time we get asked that question here at 5280 Associates… but we love hearing it! This is where our expertise and our creativity meet to tailor a plan just for you. It comes down to setting...

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4 Keys to Investing During a Volatile Stock Market

Investing can be intimidating, even in “normal” times. Throw in one of the most volatile stock markets in US history, and investing can become almost unapproachable for some. As you may know, 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster for the stock market. We have...

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How Much Do I Need to Save to Retire?

Retirement is a large part of “the American Dream” for most people.  We look forward to a time when we can stop working and live out our golden years in comfort and with dignity.  If this dream exists for you, at some point you will probably stop and ask, “How much do...

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4 Key Factors to a Solid Social Security Strategy

Social security is certainly a “frequently asked question” here at 5280 Associates. It’s no wonder, as this topic affects nearly everyone, particularly those who are nearing retirement age. The most common age for people to claim social security is, by...

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